Santarelli Marine head office in Ajaccio

The Ricanto shipyard is also the Head Office of Santarelli Marine in Ajaccio

Ideally situated in the Gulf of Ajaccio, between our Charles Ornano's harbour boat agency and our shipyard in Canova, the Ricanto and also called the Tahiti beach location represents our head office.
The head office is located at a 2 minutes ride from Ajaccio airport.
From admnistrative paperwork to technical operations, this site counts, beside its offices, a large size indoor technical facility and shipyard reserved for 6 to 10 meters' boats. Larger units are being handled at our Canova site located near the Ajaccio international airport.

Our team is composed of:
-Accomplished and refined people dedicated to assist you with any administrative formalities.
-Technician experts and highly skilled mechanics dedicated to perform any service inherent to our yachts.

Technically wise, our physical stock of spareparts and yacht chandler, combined with decades of exceptional relationships with suppliers allow us to quickly and efficiently resource both technical facilities located in Tahiti Beach and Canova with all material and equipment needs. This site also supplies all necessary survival equipment.
Besides, within the framework of its constant safety efforts, Santarelli Marine is licensed to verify and maintain all BOMBARD survival equipments.