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Princess has become the synonym for excellence in motorboat manufacturing.

Princess boats are designed to make your time at sea most enjoyable, whether you prefer the thrill of a high-speed high-seas adventure or a restful moment moored in an isolated cove.

We are the exclusive dealer for Princess yachts in Corsica. We are proud to represent and offer the possibility to purchase and charter Princess yachts in Corsica, whether it is the V Class Sport yachts, Motor Yacht Flybridge, S class ou M Class, you can trust our professionalism and experience of 44 years in the yachting in Corsica.

Exclusif dealer in Corsica, based in Ajaccio, Santarelli Marine is the specialist of Princess yachts in Corsica. There is nothing more pleasant than being an owner of a Princess Yacht in Corsica; to explore the magnificent bays of Corsica such as Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio, Propriano, Calvi, St Florent, etc. But also Sardinia cruising by Lavezzi islands, Cavallo, La Maddalena and ending up in Poltu Quatu, Porto Cervo, Cala di Volpe and its Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo, and so on. Corsica is the ideal place to be the owner of a Princess yacht in perfect serenity.

Contact Santarelli Marine if you wish to purchase or charter a Princess yacht in Corsica. We have several Princess Yachts in Corsica in our private marina in Ajaccio, and we are the only company physically holding Princess yachts in Corsica. We would suggest you charter a Princess yacht in Corsica before purchasing your own as it is the best way to be convinced of its excellence. Princess yachts strength reveals exceptional build quality, extending across the complete range of M Class superyachts, Flybridge motor yachts, and V Class sports yachts. Everyone provides the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and performance.

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