Corsica offers the most beautiful anchors and marinas of the Mediterranean sea when you charter a yacht.
Corsica offers a large choice of beautiful and safe ports and anchors.
In the South of Corsica, Bonifacio is extremly reputated for its beauty and for shopping. It is a busy port and a to-go-place for those who charter a yacht .
Porto-Vecchio is another jewels of Corsica with incredible beaches and lots of reputated Michelin stars 's Restaurant. All 'Corsica yacht charter ' cruise to Porto-Vecchio.
Ajaccio, the city of Napoleon offers shopping, excellent restaurants and the bay is one of the moste beautiful in the world. Our yachts are berth in Ajaccio, and beginning a yacht charter from here is an excellent option .

The north of Corsica offers dramatic landscapes and the incredible scandola reserve. Cruising Corsica is the insurance to feel away of the rush of the world.
Girolata and Scandola reserve are only 2 hours from Ajaccio and offers an excellent choice for visiting untouched nature.
Calvi and St-Florent are extremly glamourous destinations and beaches around offers white sand beaches and very quiet anchors.

If you think to charter a yacht in corsica , please ask us as our captains are generally native of Corsica and we know our island perfectly.

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