Pardo yachts is in Corsica only distributed by Santarelli Marine

Santarelli Marine is proud to announce the introduction of the luxurious brand Pardo Yachts in Corsica.

We offer our clients the somptuous Pardo 43 for sea trials and are awaiting a brand new pardo 38 with outboards engines in June 2020.

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Pardo range includes the walkarounds models with Pardo 38, Pardo 43, Pardo 50 and the new 2020 addition, the Pardo 60 Endurance.

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Pardo Walkaround Class

A Pardo Walkaround boat has a central console (steering position) and side decks on either side of it, allowing easy movement throughout the boat, including to the forward sundeck. Pardo's of this type also feature a rear saloon with seating and reclining areas, as well as a fixed or removable table. This makes the Walkaround perfect for day trips, as it has a spacious and secure exterior that runs the length of the boat. However, where the Pardo's clever layout is interesting is that it can also be used for short cruises thanks to its large interior space consisting of cabins as well as bathrooms and toilets. Below you will find Pardo's interpretation of the Walkaround with the range from P38 to P50. You can find below the walkaround range with the Pardo 38, Pardo 43 and Pardo 50.

Pardo Yachts - GT

The GT range, which is specific to Pardo Yachts, takes the hull of the Pardo 50 and therefore its aquatic performance, combining it with more comfort in the deck layout. Indeed, the deck is articulated around a large space covered by a hard-top covering the cockpit, but also a large lounge. This arrangement allows the Pardo GT 52 to enjoy a more comfortable navigation and life on board whatever the conditions. There is also a large sunbathing area at the bow to enjoy once the boat is at anchor. The GT range also has increased interior comfort thanks to its owner's cabin and access to a private bathroom, a spacious galley, as well as an additional bathroom for the guests, who are divided into two independent cabins. As you can see, Pardo has perfectly combined performance and life on board in this new range.

Pardo Yachts - Endurance

Pardo's endurance range aims to reinterpret the philosophy of long-distance cruising. The key is its performance-oriented design without sacrificing safety and low fuel consumption. The result is a yacht that is capable of taking you wherever you want to go in the best possible conditions. Her exterior space, covered by a hard-top, consists of a magnificent saloon and galley. Above this is a flybridge, which allows the pilot to enjoy excellent visibility when sailing, but also to be accompanied by the other passengers thanks to its various seating areas and sunbeds. The uncovered outdoor space at the rear of the Pardo Endurance 60 can be extended by two mobile platforms on the sides of the boat, making it extremely spacious when moored. Like the Pardo Walkaround, the Endurance range also has forward passageways leading to a large sunbathing area, which completes the range of exterior features.
Moving on to the interior of the E60, this range has a very spacious owner's cabin located aft for maximum comfort and space at anchor, and of course comes with its own shower room. Two interior configurations are available offering great flexibility, either another cabin with a double bed and private shower room perfect for a couple, or with two single beds offering more facility to accommodate any passenger. The latter is complemented by a cabin with two single beds and a shower room.
The Pardo Endurance range can satisfy all your requirements, whether you want to go away for a day or to the end of the world, the Endurance range will be your perfect companion.

Comparatif Pardo 38 versus Pardo 43 et 50 - Pardo 50 vs GT52 et vs Endurance 60

Comparison and differences between a Pardo 38, Pardo 43, Pardo 50, Pardo GT52 and Pardo Endurance 60